This might sound like an extreme reaction, but I assure you it’s not

Some left-wing writers — especially now that Republican Glenn Youngkin has managed to win the Virginia governorship without having to clearly embrace Donald Trump — have been pointing out that it will be a joy to have “the Don” campaign for president again because it will surely help the Democrats.

2021 was another banner year for social justice warriors around the world

Dear Fellow Liberal:

It looks like 2021 was another banner year for social justice warriors around the world. Yeehaw!

Before getting into our agenda for the coming year, however, I’d like to review last year’s victories as well as describe our current efforts.

To recap, last year during the 2020…

There’s no right answer, but one means you’re reasonable and the other means you’re a fool.

You might have already heard this one, but there’s an old anecdote about a police officer pulling over a guy for running a stop sign.

“You see that sign?” the officer says, pointing with his clipboard. “That means you need to stop.”

“But officer,” the guy objects, “I slowed down…

Our exit from Kabul was nothing like the fall of Saigon. It was actually much worse.

Yesterday I found myself in the uncomfortable position of having to explain to a Baby Boomer — a man nearly twice my age who was spending his retirement whiling away his hours with a whiskey in one hand and a mystery novel in the other — why his understanding of…

A message from American war planners on the anniversary of 9/11

Well well well and my my my, how the time has flown for us here in the Military-Industrial Complex… so much time, in fact, that now, with the end of whatever semblance of democracy still existed in Afghanistan, we have come full circle, and the same Taliban explainers we handed…

A deep dive beneath the surface of the mainstream media

Many people have by now seen a grid similar to the one above, a grid that ranks many of the best-known media publishers by reliability and political skew.

Typically, the grid shows that as the political skew of the publisher increases, the reliability and usefulness of the information decreases.


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